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concept/text/music/performance - Ivo Dimchev

co-production of: TANZ IM AUGUST, DasArts (Amsterdam), European Cul tural Capital Linz 09,

O is not company , Royal Conservatoire/Artesis University College (Antwerpen), O Espao do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal) 


 There is a list of 100 topics (subjects, objects or people) Dimchev feels related in this or another  way.

The performance is based on some favorite ones from The list.

In space, white as a museum, armed with a wig and keyboard, Dimchev presents us with a

seemingly incoherent collection of topics, which nevertheless gradually

build up an intimate portrait and a tragic-comic demonstration of various different ways of dealing with form and content within the context of

contemporary dance / theater. 



"If you want me to be your mother you have to go to theater." 



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