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"Do yourself a favor "- a 5 or 10 days workshop about making yourself a solo. I'm proposing to the participants different ways on developing a solo work. Each individual will explore diverse ways on writing own dramaturgy, dealing with space , objects, contexts , making choices. The aim of the workshop is that everyone at the end of it has a coherent solo performance that expresses at best his/her own artistic individuality. 
"TRASH OFF" - Can improvisation improve our artistic and personal "visation"? It maybe can happen if we playfully, and not always carefully, deconstruct and reconstruct the elements consisting of the world we live in. In most cases this world is WE ourselves. That's why improvisation is not just a naive game and it is not very safe neither. WE need to have guts to "see" our own beauty/trash and be playful with it. Probably we can get a personal advantage of that effort, which is a bit more than just having an "aesthetic" fun.In the workshop we are going to explore different relations between verbal and physical through improvisation, vocal and physical languages and we will try to develop more complex dynamics between them, focusing our attention on basic terms such as volume, rhythm, accents and intensity. And we will sing a lot, even a bit too much.