Ivo Dimchev /I-VO/

"Animalistic one moment, delicate the next, he meshes darkness and lightness with verbal and physical dexterity." -New York Times

"His beautiful singing sounds like a voice on an old record: poignantly far away." -Financial Times

"His enormous musicality and remarkable vocal gift are part of all of his productions" -CounterPulse
Those with musical talent come in a wide array of styles but there are few as distinct as Ivo Dimchev.

His performances are more theatrical as his voice carries a tone that calls for every ounce of your attention. Ivo talked about all of the skills he puts out on display from his latest album, Sculptures, to the provocative turn his act can take.- ZO magazine

"Sculptures is an album that knows how to hit me, that can shake me on the couch, that makes my heart beat very quickly. 

Ivo Dimchev is a new musical hero that we hopefully will hear a lot from. 
I am in love again"- MusicMeter

Ivo Dimchev is a true master of the art form. His music is high-brow without being inaccessible.

His tracks are distinctive and yet uniquely him.

- YorkCalling

‘Rain’ is one of the many songs that have emerged from his current discography and is shining light amidst a landscape of ceaseless disappointment in popular culture lately. Emotive and glorious, Dimchev’s vulnerable warble packs in so much heartache that you feel all sense of defence and tension drop whilst listening.

This is a stunning confessional from a fascinating talent.  - Podcard.Co