2023  1st Prize at "Cherry on the Top of the Cake", TV Reality Show, Bulgaria 

2023  Best Music Video for “Raina Kabaivanska” - VIP Awards, Sofia

2016 IKAR Award for best Bulgarian contemporary performance for "Operville" - experimental opera by Ivo Dimchev

2014 The Magnolia Award – Award of the City of Szczecin in the amount of PLN 8 000 – to the author and performer of "P Project" – Ivo Dimchev, for political and social incorrectness and questioning personal and cultural conditions.

2014 "X-on" nominated for best performance of the year in Oslo by Natt-Dag

2013 Iron Medal for Contemporary Art "Vencislav Zankov" for 2013 /  Sofia, Bulgaria

2013 "P Project" selected as one of 10 best theatre performances produced in all German speaking countries for 2012 by /Virtuellen Nachtkritik-Theatertreffen 2013/

2011 "Lili Handel" at LaMama nominated for Bessie Award in New York for best performance of the year

2011 "We.art.dog.come" announced as one of the 5 most recommended performances for the season  2011/2012 by Theatermaker magazin - Holland 

2010 "Som Faves" announced as the best performance in Holland for season 2009/2010 by Theatremaker magazin

2010 "Som Faves" is selected for one of the 10 Best performances in Belgium by the jury of Het Theter Festival

2008 The Award of the French Critics for best performance of the year for "Lili Handel"

2008 The Award of the Jury / the most original research of the segment of  theatrical language/ for "Enjoy July" at INFANT festival /Novi Sad

2007 Award for the best dance theatre production for the trilogy "2 solos 1 duet"/ "Thank you", "The R" and "Golden duet" /SZASZSZ -13th Alternative Theatre Festival - Hungary

2007 Award for best hungarian female performer of the year for Andrea Ladany in "Thank you"

2007 "Thank you" nomination for Laban prize for best performance

2005 The Award of the International Jury of the Critics for Best Actor in "Lili Handel" at the MASK festival-Szeged/Hungary  

2005 The Award of the Jury and The Award of the audience at the National competition for contemporary choreography "Margarita Arnaudova" for the performance "Ha-ha, or souls stretching exercises" with Arabesk dance company