/an experimental improvisational opera /
text, vocal scores and choreography - Ivo Dimchev
performed and improvised by Plamena Girginova, Nickolay Voynov and Ivo Dimchev

in the performance is used recorded music by Chopin, Stephan Hristov and others. 

co produced by Kaaitheater (Brussels - BE) and Humarts Foundation (Sofia - BG) 
management and distribution: Something Great  (Berlin - DE) 

premiered at Kaaitheater 28.March. 2015 at Performatik festival

Operville is a performance in which my long time ambition to write an opera and my personal taste of theatre and musicality clash into each other in order to mess up and  mix up in weird visual and dynamic performative matter. Busy with organisation of the vocals scores I organised the bodies in forms and relations for which I'm partly unconscious as well as for the subtitled and a bit subconscious  text which I wrote in the second half of the working process. The more abstract and indirect approach to meaning in Operwille is a relief and very needed piece of fresh air for me after the works Fest and Icure in which the narratives and the concepts have a dominant place in the structure. Operville is a new land for me and I'm willing to explore and develop it more and more.     I.D.