September 09, 2023
Pangea / New York
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In the last 20 years Ivo Dimchev have choreographed and directed more than 40 stage productions but also wrote around 100 original songs. So it’s not surprising that finally he decides to put together a very entertaining 90 minutes BEST OF “rollercoaster” spectacle.

A concert? A performance? Stand up comedy? Provocative Quiz Show? Absurd Poetry? An experimental performance? All together? Or just Ivo Dimchev! If you want to hear the best songs from Ivo or experience popular scenes from his performances Lili Handel /2004/, Som Faves/2009/, Selfie concert/2018/, P Project /2012/, Facebook theater/2016/, In Hell with Jesus /2022/…. Come, listen, watch, make pictures , participate and enjoy!

The show is 18 +

The project is happens with the financial support of the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria under the program “One-year grant’ 2022.