Facebook Theatre is an interactive theatrical experiment  in which the performers articulate a dramaturgical text created at the same time by the audience on Facebook. The performance is also a comment on the Viennese Actionism. 

“I`ve always found it very healthy to try out and exploit new formats and ways of doing, thinking or writing theatre. To me social networks manage to accumulate inexhaustible and unique dramaturgical material and since years I’ve been asking myself whether it’s possible people’s natural experience of dealing with them to be implanted and exercised in a theatrical context that is limited in time and space”, says Ivo Dimchev. He invents Facebook Theatre as another opportunity for making theatre where the dramaturgical text is created by the audience as comments on Facebook during the performance.

As your Facebook posts are crucial for the development of the performance we would kindly ask you to follow these simple instructions:

- get online
- go on Facebook
- go to Ivo Dimchev's FB wall- start writing comments under the post "THE ARTIST COMES ON STAGE AND SAYS:”
- Please write complete sentences, not just one word. But not more than two sentences.
- write before the performance starts and also during the whole performance.
- try to write from the perspective of the artist…
- enjoy

You will also find specially provided plugs for charging your smartphone, laptop or tablet properly if needed.

concept and choreography by Ivo Dimchev
performed by Ivo Dimchev, Karl Rummel, Jiyoon Jeong
text by the audience
Co-produced by ImPulsTanz (Vienna - AT), Kaaitheater (Brussels - BE) and Humarts Foundation (Sofia - BG) 
Management and Distribution: Something Great (Berlin - DE)