An extraordinary songwriter and singer, Ivo Dimchev offers in "Songs from my Shows" a live concert of songs that were created across the span of his career as Ivo Dimchev, choreographer and performer . Enormous musicality and remarkable vocal gift have been signature parts of all his legendary past dance and theatre productions. For this intimate encore evening, Ivo Dimchev gathers a selection of songs from his dance and theatre performances created in the last 15 years , liberating them from their original context and presenting them as independent, individual opuses. 


Text and Music by Ivo Dimchev 
Production Humarts Foundation (Sofia - BG) 

Duration: 60 min


Animalistic one moment, delicate the next, he meshes darkness and lightness with verbal physical dexterity. New York Times

His enormous musicality and remarkable vocal gift are part of all of his productions. CounterPulse

(His) beautiful songs sounds like a voice on an old record: poignantly far away. Financial Times