4, 8 or 16 hours performance/improvisation/laboratory

concept and performance by Ivo Dimchev
produced by Humarts Foundation (Sofia - BG) 
management and distribution: Something Great  (Berlin - DE) 

There is a moment when things you love to do become a nightmare. And then there is a moment when this very nightmare might become an opening.

Whether a nightmare or a blessing, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Because I prefer flying in Hell over crouching in Heaven. I can subvert my work only from the inside.

And that is what I mostly expect from myself approaching this long-durational workaholic meditation.

Performance + Exhibition 
Each "cycle" consists of 8 parts, which are assigned to 8 different creative activities. 
Each part lasts 30 minutes.


- free voice/text/movement workshop 
- writing poems 
- composing a new song 
- making pornographic paintings 
- improvised piano Concerto 
- singing my songs 
- filming a music video   
- physically challenging interview